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Fredrik Thulin ft@REDACTED
Wed Dec 14 11:30:25 CET 2005


A native MySQL client for Erlang has been discussed from time to time on 
this list. The MySQL client written by Magnus Ahltorp has been talked 
about, but nothing has happened to it - until now ;).

I've re-worked Magnus code a bit, adding documentation and the ability 
to have multiple concurrent connections to for example more than one 
node in a MySQL server cluster.

The code is now maintained in the Yxa source tree 
(, although I do NOT claim that 
this is a generic MySQL client for Erlang - it works for Yxa but no 
guarantees are made that it will work for some other application (one 
that for example does other things than 'select' querys).

The code in src/mysql/ has no dependencies at all at the rest of Yxa, so 
it is possible to just copy that source directory for use in some other 
project (as long as you also include the file COPYING from the Yxa 
source tree of course). The license is a three-clause BSD license.

The client has been tested with MySQL 3.x and 4.x servers. It also seems 
to work with a MySQL 5.0 server, although a small patch was needed. I 
would appreciate reports on what versions of MySQL this client works 
with (and also if it still works with the attached patch applied), and 
patches for things that need patching ;).

See the documentation at the top of mysql.erl for usage instructions.

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