Nicolas Niclausse nicolas@REDACTED
Wed Dec 14 09:49:12 CET 2005

François-Denis Gonthier ecrivait le 14.12.2005 02:54:
> Hello, all, your friendly Debian packager here...
> I've adopted the Debian manderlbot package.  It is currently broken due to the 
> changes in the libxmerl.

> I know some people were actively using manderlbot on IRC, so if anyone has 
> patched the last version of manderlbot for Erlang 10.b.x, they are invited to 
> send me the patch, or the whole fixed source, so that I can work out a patch 
> myself.

I'm one of the author of manderlbot. You can send me patches, i'll add
them to the cvs  (I can also give cvs access to contributors).

There are some updates in the cvs, but nothing related to r10b compilation


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