Patch for strstr_binary

Dave Smith dizzyd@REDACTED
Tue Dec 13 01:21:25 CET 2005


I'm not sure how the list feels about patches for new BIFs, but I'd  
like to share a patch for OTP R10B8 to speed up string/binary  
processing. In particular, I needed a way to do the equivalent of  
string:str() on a binary object, and it needed to be fast (I'm  
parsing a very large number of HTTP connections). Initially I did all  
my parsing in a C driver/port but got tired of dealing with memory  
management and other wonderful aspects of C. Some profiling of a  
native Erlang version of my parsing code yielded that a fast  
string:str function on binaries would get me nearly back to C-speed,  
so that's how I came up with this patch.

I understand completely if the erlang group doesn't wish to  
incorporate this patch into the core distribution, but I do hope it's  
at least considered. The code has been (lightly) load tested on Mac  
OSX and smoke tested on Linux (32-bit). I doubt it will work on  
win32, as it uses a memcmp() function...but it should be easy to  
port.  I welcome any feedback and comments -- this is my first BIF. :)


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