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Thu Dec 8 22:42:11 CET 2005

Bob.Smart at wrote:

  The problem with Scala is that it doesn't have atoms.

(end of quote)

I don't think that this is a problem at all in Scala,
thanks to Scalas built-in quote mechanism.

Atoms in Scala are implemented in the standard library in
the Symbol class. 

Symbol.scala wrote:

/** Instances of <code>Symbol</code> can be created easily with
 *  Scala's built-in quote mechanism. For instance, the Scala term
 *  <code>'mysym</code> will invoke the constructor of the
 *  <code>Symbol</code> class in the following way:
 *  <code>new Symbol("mysym")</code>. .

(end of quote)

Symbols are used e.g. in Process.scala which emulates
the syntax of Erlang processes (although unfortunately
not all of the semantics.) and in NameServer.scala.
But more on this in another post...

/Happi (Erik Stenman)
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