Computer Language Shootout - concurrency

Nic Linker xlcr@REDACTED
Tue Dec 6 09:41:35 CET 2005

James Hague wrote:

>>A fly in the ointment - the Ackermann function:
>>Erlang HiPE - 15th place. ;-)
>Interpreted Erlang is within 10x of the top, natively compiled
>benchmark.  It's ahead of GForth, which is one of the fastest
>interpreters out there (one that doesn't even do dynamic type checks).
> That's great!
But Erlang HiPE is not interpreted and I found natural to compare it
with other compilable languages, and unfortunately Erlang is not even
close to the leader, in contrast of what I expected. :-(  (Why did I
expect it? Because recursion is the one of the strongest features of
functional languages).

>And if you compare Erlang to the big scripting languages, then wow do
>the results looks good: 6x faster than Lua, more than 40x faster than
>Perl and Python (igoring the not-ready-for-production-use Psyco
>compiler results
Yes, I was really glad to see it after :-)

Best regards,
Nick Linker

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