OTP style supervision trees for spacecraft

Michael Leonhard michael206@REDACTED
Sat Dec 3 19:50:29 CET 2005

Hello Erlang Experts and Users,

Some of you may be interested in a research proposal that has been
accepted by NASA for funding.  The proposal is for the development of
reliable software systems for spacecraft.  Information in the abstract
indicates that it will use a method similar to OTP's supervision
trees.  In addition, it will try to correct single bit errors caused
by radiation and manage computer resources.  Memory management was a
problem for NASA's Spirit rover, on Mars last year.

How does Erlang handle the situation where all virtual memory has been

Can Erlang's bytecode format be extended to facilitate detection of
single bit errors?

Mitigating Software Failures with Distributed and Recovery-Oriented
Flight System Architectures:

The listing of all accepted proposals,
NASA Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) Program:


Michael Leonhard

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