bug in inets or erlang!

Matthias Lang matthias@REDACTED
Thu Dec 1 06:37:46 CET 2005

I think you're interpreting the manual in a way which wasn't intended
by the author. I read it to mean

  If the underlying OS doesn't support UTC->localtime, return the 
  the original arguments.

  If the conversion can't be done for some other reason, exit(badarg).


Bengt Kleberg writes:
 > On 2005-11-30 10:20, Matthias Lang wrote:
 > > Making universaltime_to_localtime work for all possible dates in the
 > > past and future is nontrivial. 
 > making universaltime_to_localtime work according to the documentation is 
 > almost trivial. it says:
 > ''Converts Universal Time Coordinated (UTC) date and time to local
 >                date and time, if this is supported by the underlying OS. 
 > Other-
 >                wise, no conversion is done, and {Date1, Time1} is 
 > returned.''
 > i.e. if the conversion fails, just return the input.
 > bengt

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