Question about Erlang/OTP Test Server and gen_server

Christian Sandén it4sanc@REDACTED
Thu Dec 1 15:55:28 CET 2005


I'm currently studying Software Engineering & Management at the
IT-University in Gothenburg. We've had a course in Erlang and are now in
the middle of a project developing a team of agents for the RoboCup
Simulation League. I'm the designated tester and since we've been told
that we should use the test server I've been playing around a bit.

My problem is that the test server doesn't seem to catch on that a
gen_server has crashed. If I intentionally let the gen_server call an
undefined function it crashes, as expected, but the test server reports
the test as a success.

Is this normal behavior? I would have thought, since the test process
and the gen_server are linked, that the test server would detect the
crash and flag it as a failure.

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