inets: request error on Windows XP

Ingela Anderton ingela@REDACTED
Fri Apr 29 17:37:13 CEST 2005

Anders Nygren wrote:
> This looks like a problem I have had too.
> See,
> I never got any response to those, and I never found the problem.
> I am happy to see that it works with a name instead of IP address.
Sometimes things gets drowned in the information sea!

> Another problem with http:request, (at least on Linux), is that if You give a
> timeout, the request works but there is a crash somewhere in inets, when
> it tries to remove the timer.
> So for me it has been impossible to use http on both Linux and Windows,
> so I have had to make a Java node to handle http requests.
> This is not just a little embarrasing while trying to convince management
> to let me use Erlang in some projects.
I did fix this right away! Maybe I has not made it in to an open
source release yet, but hey there ought to be some privileges with
buying a license ;) If you did feel a strong enough need you could
have fixed it yourself it was quite an easy fix! And I had actually
told you what the problem was! But maybe you felt writing a java
program was easier than trying to understand some erlang code that
somebody else wrote?!  Maybe I could have given you another pointer on
how to fix it, if you would have asked nicely even though that is not
my job! At least I do not feel embarrassed!

/Ingela - OTP team

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