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Wouldn't your select() call return the 100 records to display on the page?
If so, sorting the results of the select() call is the way to go.

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Thanks for the info.


For that, do I have to read all the records before do a sorting? For example, what if I have to navigate through a record set with about couple of hundred thousands of records, 100 records in each page?


I.e. I jus want to navigate through a huge database on a Web Page, which gives 100 records in each page. Data is sorted by the Key ID or Entered Date. Viewer can navigate through the records by going to Previous and Next Pages.


What I don't want is to do a sorting of 100,000 (let's say) records in each page to get the 100 records to be displayed.


What's the best method I can use?



- Eranga






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The current solution is: sort the list produced by the select() call.


Using qlc, you can produce a handle that, when evaluated, returns a sorted result.

See the reference manual on qlc (in stdlib.)



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Hi All,


How do I do a mnesia:select or relevant data retrieval to read data in ordered manner? (like ORDER BY in SQL)


Please advice as soon as possible.



- Eranga

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