http:request/4 headers

Michael McDaniel erlang@REDACTED
Thu Apr 14 20:23:33 CEST 2005

I need to control case for http headers POSTing to an application.

http:request/4 makes my headers lowercase.

QUESTION: How can I keep my headers the case I want.

  catch http:request(post,
     {"Date", httpd_util:rfc1123_date()} ,
     {"Host", ""} ,
     {"REALM",  "SPECMA"} ,
     {"APIVER", "SPECMA:2.0"} ,
     {"Authorization ", http_base_64:encode("username:password")} ,
     {"Accept", "text/xml/html"},
     {"User-Agent",  "erlang client"} 
  ], "application/x-www-form-urlencoded", Body }, [], []).

All the headers are converted to lower case and the application needs the
uppercase headers as uppercase.  Works the same with http or https.

I have not yet found the control to keep uppercase headers; thanks for any assistance.


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