cerl module; Core Erlang "forms"

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Thu Apr 14 18:29:47 CEST 2005


I was browsing through the compiler application code, because I was
looking for a way to automatically generate code and compile it. The
current problem I encounter is, that I don't want to pollute the atom
table, so I don't want to generate normal Erlang forms, because - as
long as I understand the documentation correctly - I have to create
an atom for each variable.

In my scenario I want to be able to use it, arbitrary users may
initiate the generation of code. Because I don't trust these users I
don't want to equip them with a tool for bringing the erlang node down
(by overpopulating the atom table).

As far as I looked at the cerl module, this would be possible to
achive with Core Erlang, because at least the data constructors allow
(at least the documentation states so) to use integers as variable
names. Atoms are no problem, because I don't want to enable the users
to specify arbitrary atoms.

I have now the following questions:
- is the cerl module somehow regarded as "stable"; the documentation
  is no included in the "official" documentation available in htmlized
  form from www.erlang.org, so I assume it is not!?
- are variables internally always handled as atoms, or get atoms
  generated in later compilation steps? get the variable identifiers
  converted to atoms from integers?

Matthias Kretschmer

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