Bug in hipe?

Javier París Fernández paris@REDACTED
Thu Apr 14 14:03:27 CEST 2005


When working with very big binaries (something like 256MB) the bit
syntax seems to fail when compiling with hipe:



start() ->
        {ok, B} = file:read_file("256Mb_File"),
	<<Start:1500/binary,Rem/binary>> = B.

Compiling this with beam works, but with hipe it fails during
execution with the following error:

1> foo:start().
** exited:{{badmatch,<<97,97,97,97,97,97,97,97,97,97,97,97,97,97,97,97,97,97,97,97,97,97,97,97,97,97,...>>},
           []} **

=ERROR REPORT==== 14-Apr-2005::13:59:28 ===
Error in process <0.30.0> with exit value: {{badmatch,<<268435456 bytes>>},[]}

Is this a known bug or limitation when working with binaries and hipe?


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