Resistance to Erlang

todd todd@REDACTED
Mon Apr 11 23:44:51 CEST 2005

Rick Pettit wrote:

>Sending a message to a process is a one-liner in Erlang - is that easier than
>setting up a socket in C/C++?
Nope. You are always using a class libary so it's usually just a one 
liner of some sort. You can get streams and async completion for free as 

>Concurrency in C/C++ to many people implies pthreads - is that simpler than
>message passing?
Easy to do in c++ as well. But since it's not enforced in C++ it doesn't 
count in my book. Lot's of shared state happens easily in c++, even when 
you don't want it.

>The list goes on and on. All the arguments mentioned are hogwash. As I see it
>the biggest problem is that nobody has published a book entitled, "Erlang for
Sounds good. It would be nice to have a slam dunk example of how erlang 
can solve problems better.

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