Some claims about Erlang (was Re: Erlang use in Italy)

Dominic Williams erlang-list@REDACTED
Mon Apr 11 22:05:21 CEST 2005

Corrado Santoro wrote:

> some claims about Erlang said by many people [...]

Each of those sentences would make an excellent starting 
point to play Dale Emery's "Resistance as a resource" game, 
which he recently introduced on the extreme programming 
mailing list.

The key point is, rather than dismiss the resistance, to try 
and justify and understand it before providing responses 
that target possibly valid points.

Here are the rules (see

Objective. To create, learn, remember, and express ideas 
about how to respond to resistance.

Where to Play. The game can be played anywhere that ideas 
can be posted, such as mailing lists, electronic forums, and 
conference rooms with walls, white boards, or flip charts.

Players. Any number of players can play.

Turns. It is always your turn.

Moves. There are four kinds of moves:

  1. Change. Post an example of change that you are 
promoting. (In our case, this would be "Use Erlang").

  2. "Resistance." Choose one of the posted examples of 
change, and post an example of a statement that expresses 
"resistance" to that change. The examples posted by Corrado 
are each an example, there may be more.

  3. Reason. Choose one of the posted examples of 
"resistance," and post an example of a reason that an 
intelligent, competent, sincere person of good will might 
say such a thing. Dale's article "Resistance as a Resource" 
might give you ideas for this move.

  4. Response. Choose one of the posted reasons, and post an 
idea about how to respond effectively to someone who has 
that reason for making that statement.


Dominic Williams


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