Some claims about Erlang (was Re: Erlang use in Italy)

Corrado Santoro csanto@REDACTED
Mon Apr 11 17:08:09 CEST 2005

I would like to thank everyone posted a comment on Erlang vs. C/C++. 
Such comments will be very useful in trying to convice my organization 
on the opportunity to organize some lectures on Erlang.

Just for fun (but also for your information), I would like to let you 
know some claims about Erlang said by many people (researchers, software 
developers, professors) who don't know Erlang, but pretend to evaluate 
it with respect to other approaches:

"Programming in Erlang requires much effort, since you must deal with 
process calculi." (a reviewer of a paper of mine)

"Programming in Erlang seems easy, but the source code is quite 
unreadable; maybe we could try to find a syntax that is less complex."

"Erlang? 'quick-and-dirty'. I dislike this kind of approaches! I prefer 

"What are the performances of Erlang? It's bytecoded! It never reach the 
performances of Java" (forgetting the performance problems Java had in 
the past, and the *huge* amount of time required *now* by Eclipse to start!)

"Who is teaching Erlang? All students take the degree learning C, C++ 
and Java. This is what companies require" (a professor forgetting that 
students should learn *how to program*, not *how to program with a 
specific language*).

... only to cite a few.


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