Erlang use in Italy

Francesco Cesarini (Erlang Training & Consulting) francesco@REDACTED
Sat Apr 9 14:23:03 CEST 2005

Based on the Erlang mailing list statistics from last September 
(presented at the Erlang workshop in Italy), the numbers were not so 
high. 1% of the subscribers (397 in total) had an Italian (.it) domain. 
National domains consisted of about 50% of the addresses (.com, .net, 
.org etc). (Slide 7).

Now, if the University of Catania started teaching Erlang (hint hint :-) 
), that would be another story.. Just see the University of Corunna 
effect, where subscribers members are 3 times higher than Italy :-) :-)

But statistics are just part of the truth, as many companies operate in 
stealth mode not wanting to disclose their best tools... For one of 
these companies, we are looking for a candidate in Rome. We have managed 
to fill one of the two positions, but one remains open. For more info, 


Corrado Santoro wrote:
> Hi all,
> For statistical purposes, I would like to know what is the current 
> status of the usage of Erlang in Italy, i.e. what are the companies and 
> universities that use this language for commercial purpose and/or research.
> You may repond privately, just to not annoy all the members of the list.
> Thanks in advance.
> Best regards,
> --Corrado

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