Thu Oct 28 10:35:53 CEST 2004

On Thu, Oct 28, 2004 at 09:58:42AM +0200, Mickael Remond wrote:
> Peter L wrote:
> >I tried to access this URL both using IE and NS and failed twice
> >getting an empty page.
> >
> >But then again, I did that from a network that only allows the
> >destination port 80 in the outbound direction. Maybe this URL
> >redirects you to another port than 80?
> http://metafrog.erlang-projects.org/wiki/showPage.yaws?node=Timebomb
> It is working for me, but I am interesting in investigating your problem.
> One of the problem we had during migration is that we put a yaws in 
> front of it to do virtual hosting and reverse proxy.

This is indeed buggy, the yaws reverse proxy code is far from 
production quality. I think I've written that several times
in various release notes and such. 

The URL http://metafrog.erlang-projects.org/wiki/showPage.yaws?node=Timebomb
return (assuming a 1.1 browser connects) broken chunked 
encodings. Needs debugging.

I strongly advise against using the revproxy code in yaws in
real setups. It's an experimental feature. 


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