why erl_accept() encounter an ERROR

UAB L/K Peter Andersson peppe@REDACTED
Tue Oct 19 09:44:01 CEST 2004


Are you using the same Erlang/OTP version on all systems?

What you can do to find the fault is to switch on debug printouts. You
do this by setting the environment variable EI_TRACELEVEL to 4. Also,
when erl_accept fails, check errno to see if it's been set and, if so,
to what.

You should really use the ei_* rather than the erl_* functions. Read the
manual pages for ei and ei_connect. You might find ei_accept_tmo() to be
useful if your problem turns out to be of "temporary nature".

Regards, Peter

suresh saragadam wrote:
> Hi,
> I am using erl_interface for connection Erlang and C
> connection established and working fine with one system and when i am
> working with the same program on other system 'elr_accept' ERROR is
> reflected
> if ((fd = erl_accept(listen, &conn)) == ERL_ERROR)
>   {
> /*      printf("Error %d %d", ERL_ERROR, fd); */
>    erl_err_quit("erl_accept");
>   }
> please let me know what may the reason
> And one big doubt can we use erl_interface with out using this fn in
> the example given in reference manual for connection c node
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