Erlang jobs in Stockholm !

Magnus Lennartsson (AL/EAB) magnus.lennartsson@REDACTED
Mon Oct 18 12:43:16 CEST 2004

Looking for a new job ?

We can offer Erlang design in one of the hottest areas, IP Mulimedia.
We are currently working with the design of a Telephony Access Gateway and an Engine Multimedia Gateway, the next application can be a Video Gateway. 
Today, the applications run on the successful AXD301 platform and we have started to design applications for the new Integrated Site (IS) framework in which all new applications will run.

For more info check out:
On the external web:

On the Ericsson internal web:

Or send me an email or give me a call,

Magnus Lennartsson
IMS Media Gateway Applications
Phone: +46 8 719 3196

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