need better way to communicate between c node and erlang node

suresh saragadam sureshsaragadam@REDACTED
Sun Oct 17 07:12:49 CEST 2004


After long time back i again started working with Erlang, 
i need to communicate between C Node and Erlang Node, i think this
code should do well,

here do i have to keep trap on the socket i.e. 'sockfd'

I tested this example link above, it is working fine, but here i want
to eliminate the use of this fun 'int my_listen(int port)' is it
opossible, and i want to make my code accoding to the doc here

C:\Program Files\erl5.3.6.3\lib\erl_interface-3.4.5\doc\html\part_erl_interface_frame.html

This is what the code i want to make it run.

#include <stdio.h>
#include <winsock2.h>

#include <erl_interface.h>
#include <ei.h>

#define SELF(fd) erl_mk_pid(erl_thisnodename(),fd,0,erl_thiscreation())
extern const char *erl_thisnodename(void);
extern short erl_thiscreation(void);

int main() 
 int sockfd;
 int conn_id  = 100;
 int creation = 1;
 char *cookie = "secretcookie";
 char *nodename="cnode@REDACTED"; 

 ETERM *arr[2], *cmsg;
 erl_init(NULL, 0);

 erl_connect_init(conn_id, cookie, creation);
 if ((sockfd = erl_connect(nodename)) < 0)
  erl_err_quit("ERROR: erl_connect failed");
  printf("\nConnection Established . . .");
 printf("\n almost done 1 ");

 arr[0] = SELF(sockfd);
 arr[1] = erl_mk_atom("Hello world");
 cmsg   = erl_mk_tuple(arr, 2);

 printf("\n almost done 2");
 if(erl_reg_send(sockfd, "enode_server", cmsg) == 0)

 printf("\n almost done 3");

 printf("\nmessage sent");
 return 0;


suresh saragadam

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