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Matthias Lang matthias@REDACTED
Fri Oct 1 16:02:07 CEST 2004


Just thought I'd share some information for those of you coming to the
conference from outside Stockholm.


  100 Swedish "Crowns" = 11 Euro
                       = 7.5 Pounds


  Bjarne has put up a couple of maps at

  The conference is in Älvsjö, the Erlounge afterwards is
  downtown. Älvsjö is marked on the map (a red star), downtown
  isn't, but it's roughly where the D of "Djurgården" is, near
  the top right of the upper map.


  There are four airports within range of Stockholm. 

  * Arlanda is the main airport, the big airlines fly there. You can get
    from Arlanda to Stockholm by

     - "Arlanda Express" train. Leaves every 15 minutes,  takes about 
       25 minutes, costs 180 sek

     - "Flygbuss" bus. Leaves every 10 or 15 minutes, takes about 45 
       minutes, costs 90 sek. There is also _one_ flygbuss which goes
       directly to Älvsjö. It leaves at 9am, i.e. you'll miss the 
       start of the conference.

     - Taxi. Won't save you any time, but it will cost more. I'd guess
       400kr to town, 600kr to Älvsjö.
  * Bromma. Used mainly for domestic flights. There's a flygbuss (20
    minutes, 70sek), and also normal public transport, e.g. you can
    take bus 152 to the station and then the train to Älvsjö, all in
    about 45 minutes.
  * Skavsta and Västerås. Used by Ryanair, e.g. there are several
    flights to and from London (Stansted/Luton) every day. Again,
    take the Flygbuss to town, it's the only sensible option.


  Bjarne tells me that Hotell Älvsjö is already booked out.

  Robert Raschke said he had to ring several hotels to find one with
  a room.

  Some tips from previous years were Hotell Bema, which is a less
  expensive small hotel in town and Hotell Formule 1, which is one
  of those "freeway" hotels.


  Stockholm is not a good place to get around by car. 

  Public transport is excellent, though not cheap. If you're here for
  more than just one day, buy a strip of 20 "tickets", they're called
  "rabattkuponger" in Swedish. They cost 140kr and work on the subway,
  the commuter train and buses. You can buy them at the ticket booth 
  in any subway station.

  When you get on a bus, or enter a subway station, you get your 
  ticket stamped, more stamps get you further, e.g. Älvjsö costs
  three stamps. If you pay cash, it'll cost you 45kr. Two people
  can use the same ticket strip when travelling together, but you
  get twice as many stamps...

  To get from Central station to Älvsjö, find the commuter train
  "Pendeltåg". All southbound pendeltåg lines stop at Älvsjö.
  Central station is a bit of a maze, if you manage to get from
  the flygbuss to the Pendeltåg in under five minutes, give yourself
  a gold star. ;-)


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