erlang ftpd server

David N. Welton davidw@REDACTED
Fri May 28 16:13:51 CEST 2004

Luke Gorrie wrote:
> "David N. Welton" <davidw@REDACTED> writes:

>>I guess the question becomes... is someone willing to maintain this
>>code and manage patches/fixes/enhancements?

> We have a sourceforge project called 'jungerl' where you could check
> this in. The Jungerl is a big CVS tree that all Erlang programmers get
> full access to and can collectively maintain.

> I found your sourceforge account (davidw) and added you to the
> project.

Cool.  I added ftpd.erl there.  Not my fish to fry, but you guys might 
consider removing the ftpd example from the web page (I don't know about 
the wisdom of putting up example code being hacked on by an erlang newbie:-)

David N. Welton

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