POPL 05 Call for Papers

David Walker dpw@REDACTED
Wed May 26 21:54:07 CEST 2004

           POPL 2005 Call for Papers

        32nd Annual ACM SIGPLAN - SIGACT 
Symposium on Principles of Programming Languages 

            Long Beach, California
             January 12-14, 2005
Important Dates  

Submission deadlines:
  titles and short abstracts: Friday, July 9, 2004, 17:00 UTC/GMT
  full papers: Friday, July 16, 2004, 17:00 UTC/GMT
Notification of acceptance: Monday, September 20, 2004
Final papers due: Monday, November 1, 2004
Conference: January 12-14, 2005
Please note that the submission format is different this year.  See
below for submission guidelines and LaTeX style files.
Scope of the Conference 
The annual Symposium on Principles of Programming Languages is a forum
for the discussion of fundamental principles and important innovations
in the design, definition, analysis, transformation, implementation
and verification of programming languages, programming systems, and
programming abstractions. Both experimental and theoretical papers on
principles and innovations are welcome, ranging from formal frameworks
to reports on practical experiences.
Submissions on a diversity of topics are sought, particularly ones
that identify new research directions.  POPL 2005 is not limited to
topics discussed in previous symposia. Authors concerned about the
appropriateness of a topic may communicate by electronic mail with the
program chair prior to submission.
Submission Guidelines 
Submissions should be full papers, similar in scope and size to what
would appear in the proceedings of the symposium. Formatting
requirements for submissions and other details are given below.
Submissions will be judged on originality, significance, correctness,
and clarity. A submitted paper should clearly express the contribution
of the work, both in general and in technical terms. It is essential
to identify what was accomplished, describe the significance of the
work, and explain how the paper compares with, and improves upon,
previous work.  Authors should bear in mind that individual
program-committee members will be asked to referee many submissions;
while every effort will be made to assign submissions to an
appropriate subset of the program committee, very few papers are
likely to be reviewed solely by experts in a paper's topic area. A
good rule of thumb is that an informed colleague (with expertise in
programming languages) should be able to form an initial judgment of
the technical content of a submission in 40 minutes. Some advice about
how to prepare a good submission can be found at:

Submitted papers must describe work unpublished in refereed venues,
and not submitted for publication elsewhere (including journals and
formal proceedings of conferences and workshops). See the SIGPLAN
republication policy for more details.
Authors will be notified of acceptance or rejection by September 20,
2004. The final version of accepted papers must be received in
camera-ready form by November 1, 2004 for inclusion in the
proceedings. Authors of accepted papers will be required to sign ACM
copyright release forms.  Proceedings will be published by ACM Press.
Submission Details 
Submissions, including text, figures, and bibliography must fit in 15
pages, on two columns, with 10 point font on 12 point baseline,
columns 20pc (3.33in) wide and 54pc (9in) tall with a column gutter of
2pc (0.33in). Pages should be numbered. (Please note that this is not
the standard ACM proceedings format: it is less compact, and the page
limit is correspondingly higher.) We encourage the use of LaTeX class
file (acmconfbig.cls) or LaTeX style file (acmconfbig.sty) located off
the conference web site.  Authors who feel it is absolutely necessary
to include additional material may place it in a well-marked appendix
after page 15, but committee members are under no obligation to review
this material.  Titles, abstracts, and full papers should be submitted
via the Web. The POPL web site


will contain a link to the submission site. The full papers should be
in PDF (preferably) or Postscript that is interpretable by Ghostscript
and printable on US Letter and A4 size paper.  The submission deadline
for titles and short abstracts is Friday, July 9, 2004, 17:00
UTC/GMT. The submission deadline for the corresponding full papers is
Friday, July 16, 2004, 17:00 UTC/GMT.  Submissions deviating from
these specifications and late submissions may not be considered.

Program Chair:

Martín Abadi
University of California, Santa Cruz
Computer Science Department
Santa Cruz, CA 95064
E-mail: abadi@REDACTED

General Chair:

Jens Palsberg
University of California, Los Angeles
Computer Science Dept, 
4531K Boelter Hall, 
Los Angeles, CA 90095
Phone: 310-825-6320 
Fax: 310-794-5057
E-mail: palsberg@REDACTED

Program Committee:

Martín Abadi, UC Santa Cruz (chair) 
Rastislav Bodik, UC Berkeley 
Perry Cheng, IBM (T.J. Watson Research Center) 
William Cook, UT Austin 
Michael Ernst, MIT 
Giorgio Ghelli, Università di Pisa 
Yossi Gil, Technion 
Ralf Hinze, Universität Bonn 
Martin Hofmann, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München 
Alan Jeffrey, DePaul University 
Andrew Kennedy, Microsoft Research (Cambridge) 
Naoki Kobayashi, Tokyo Institute of Technology 
Julia Lawall, University of Copenhagen 
Andrew Myers, Cornell University 
Gordon Plotkin, University of Edinburgh 
François Pottier, INRIA (Rocquencourt) 
Sriram Rajamani, Microsoft Research (Redmond) 
John Reppy, University of Chicago 
Zhong Shao, Yale University 
Henny Sipma, Stanford University 

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