"ugly gui"

David N. Welton davidw@REDACTED
Wed May 26 11:54:42 CEST 2004


As part of my new job, I will be working with erlang.  Good stuff:-)

I was going over the mailing list archives, and noticed some comments 
about the 'ugly gui', which presumably refers to Tk.

I wanted to suggest the following code (which I had a hand in putting 
together) as a quick, easy improvement:

Screenshots: http://wiki.tcl.tk/10424

The code itself is available from:


Other than that, I think the biggest thing that would be really 
noticeable would be to replace the ugly tables in the debugger/process 
monitor with tktable, which looks a lot better, IMO.

If the erlang world wants to go forward with Tk, keep an eye on the Tile 
project: http://wiki.tcl.tk/references/11075

Thanks for listening,
David N. Welton

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