Carsten Schultz carsten@REDACTED
Tue May 25 19:06:51 CEST 2004

Hi Joe!

I have only just learned about Erlguten.  I wish I had known about it
when I was recently looking for a way to generate HTML and PDF from
the same source.  I chose the paths 

    Erlang terms -> HTML


    Erlang terms -> LaTeX -> PDF

instead.  Had it been a real-time application, the second might have
been far too slow.

On Mon, May 24, 2004 at 04:18:03PM +0200, Joe Armstrong wrote:
>   I wanted to go from XML markup -> PDF 
> in one step. This is in itself a difficult problem
> adding yet another intermediate language make it even 
> more difficult.

I think that is good.

I would like to try Erlguten inside Yaws some time.  That would be
made a lot easier, if there was at least basic documentation,
including the concepts.  Or have I just overlooked it?

Another remark:  There are some funny hyphenations in test1.pdf,
`di-fferent' and `prop-er'.  TeX yields `dif-fer-ent proper'.  I
have just had a look inside the TeXbook, since you are using TeX
hyphenation patterns.  Are you adding start and stop characters at the
ends of a word?



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