Erlang distribution

Joe Armstrong joe@REDACTED
Wed May 19 11:30:16 CEST 2004


  I'm trying to change how distributed Erlang works.

  Currently, all nodes  in a distributed Erlang system  know about all
other nodes.   So for  example, if node  A knows  about B and  A knows
about  C then  B implicitly  knows  about C.  This does  not scale  to
systems of millions of nodes

  What I'd like is the following:

	A should be able to do things on B (spawn processes, etc. )
   and  A should be able to do things on C

  I don't want any knowldege of B to leak out to C.  I'd also like to
handle multiple cookies etc. ie  the coookies needed to authenticate A
against B whould be different from the cookies neede to authenticate A
against C.

  I also  don't want  any form  of global operations  on all  nodes in

  - has anybody done any work in this direction?
  - is  what  I  want   possible  without  perfoming  major  surgery  to




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