Postgres via odbc?

Dustin Sallings dustin@REDACTED
Mon May 17 08:42:39 CEST 2004

On May 16, 2004, at 23:18, Shawn Pearce wrote:

> Has anyone setup Erlang ODBC to use Postgres?
> I'm looking at trying to setup a Postgres server on Linux and have
> Erlang connect to it from the same box via ODBC; but was wondering
> if there are any gotcha's I should be aware of before I waste a few
> hours on it.
> If its really an issue, I'll just break down and write a port driver
> for it.  :)

	I started writing a native driver for it, but by the time I got to 
actually getting results from queries, I realized that gen_event might 
not be the best mechanism.  Haven't started it up again just yet.  I 
got authentication (md5) and queries working sort of, you just can't 
get the results from your queries.  :)

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