Announce EX11 release 2.5

Joe Armstrong joe@REDACTED
Wed May 12 12:04:19 CEST 2004

  As promised version 2.4 of ex11 (X11 graphics for Erlang)

  see for general info

  and for the code

  The  latest  release  is  release-2.5  - this  is  an  "in  between"
release. release-2.5 contains many undocumented widgets, the intention
of release-2.5 it merely to test that the initialization routines work

  If  you run  release-2.5 and  initialization does  not work  can you
please mail the file startup_error_report to me.

  If it works you'll know - try out the new widgets (emacs, lifts, font
selector ...)

  Please run in all possible modes - ie with ssl forwarding etc.



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