jungerl/builder example?

Gerd Flaig gefla@REDACTED
Fri May 7 02:29:50 CEST 2004

Gerd Flaig <gerd@REDACTED> writes:

> If somebody could show a small but complete example demonstrating
> automatic release creation (using builder or other tools), this would
> be really nice.

perhaps I should clarify this a little:

I'm specifically looking for information regarding real-world usage of
SASL. How do you manage releases and up/downgrades?

We're currently creating glue scripts to automatically determine
applications that changed between releases (based on release tags in
CVS), bump their versions, insert app versions in .rel files, make the
relup file and finally the tar archive.

Hmm. Maybe there even is a way to automatically create appup-skeletons
based on the list of changed modules, tags in the module source, xref,

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