Is erlang too small?

Ingela Anderton ingela@REDACTED
Mon May 10 15:20:41 CEST 2004

Rudolph van Graan wrote:
> Now an odbc interface does exist, but it is not 
> complete enough to warrant us building a full scale system using it. We 
> will probably end up building a java database layer to handle our 
> queries.
I am not making any promsies, but was it that you feel is missing
in the odbc interface?

The latest odbc (2.0 will make it to open source soon) has the
following releas notes.

* Erlang ODBC now handles batches of queries and can return multiple
      result sets.  (Own Id: OTP-4642) (Aux Id: seq7766)

* The old interface that became deprecated in odbc 1.0 has now been
      removed.  (*** POTENTIAL INCOMPATIBILITY ***) (Own Id: OTP-4794)

* Erlang ODBC now supports parameterized queries for the most common
      ODBC data types.  (Own Id: OTP-4821)

* SQL_NUMERIC and SQL_DECIMAL columns are converted to integer and
      float values if possible.  (Own Id: OTP-4826)

* Result sets are now by default returned as a list of tuples which is
      the most intuitive and useful mapping. To keep some degree of
      backwards compatibility you may turn this off to get the old
      behavior that result sets are returned as lists of
      lists. However do not use this in new code as it is considered a
      deprecated feature that eventually will disappear.  (***

/ Ingela

Ericsson AB - OTP team

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