systools and scripts

Martin J. Logan mlogan@REDACTED
Fri May 7 17:57:42 CEST 2004

I wrote the following function that will apply any function from the
command line.

%% @doc Allows any function to be called from the command line via erl
%% all arguments should be passed in the following manner:
%% erl -s mod func "arg1. " "arg2. "...
%% <pre>
%% Variables: 
%%  MFSList - a list containing the mod func and a list of args to apply
comming via erl -s
%% Types:
%%  MFAList = [Mod, Func|Args] Example [file, list_dir, '"/var/log". ']
%% Example Invocation:
%%  erl -pz ../ebin/ -s fs_lib s_apply io format "\"hello ~p\". "
"[world]. "
%% </pre>
%% @spec s_apply(MFAList) -> void()
%% @end 
s_apply([Mod, Func|Args]) ->
    io:format("fs_lib:s_apply args before parsing: ~w~n", [Args]),
    TokedArgs = lists:map(fun(ArgAtom) ->
                                  {ok, Toks, Line} =
erl_scan:string(atom_to_list(ArgAtom), 1),
                                  {ok, Term}       =
                          end, Args),
    io:format("apply the following: apply(~w, ~w, ~p)~n", [Mod, Func,
    apply(Mod, Func, TokedArgs).

so to run this function from the command line for a function like 

io:format("hello ~p~n", [world]).

you would invoke 

erl -pz ../ebin/ -s fs_lib s_apply io format "\"hello ~p\". " 
"[world]. "

notice that all the arguments for the function that you want applied are
strings containing terms. The containing strings are terminated with a
.<space? see the docs for erl_scan and erl_parse for an explaination.
Make sure that you properly escape any of the terms contained by the


On Thu, 2004-05-06 at 00:40, Dustin Sallings wrote:
> 	I'm trying to use a makefile to build my application, but I can't 
> figure out how to run systools from the erl commandline.  I want to run 
> the following command:
> 	systools:make_script("environ", [local]).
> 	...but I can't seem to express that.
> 	I've just added another module to my build system that creates the 
> .boot and the .tar.gz, but is this necessary?
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