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Thomas Arts thomas.arts@REDACTED
Thu May 6 10:59:19 CEST 2004

Hi Bengt

> fwiw: gen_leader is supposed to add safety be beeing redundant.  
> currently we know that a successfull selection of a leader assures 
> redundancy. if/when a single leader is also successfull, it will then be 
> neccessary to find out if there is more than one node.

I liked your reasoning, but I am not sure this claim holds. If you give
an existing and a non-existing node name, a leader will be selected.
However, there is no redundancy!
I would like the gen_leader to be changed such that your claim is
tru, since I think it is a really important observation. An observation
I haven't thought of before. It is not part of the algorithm, but should
be ensured from outside.

Since the assurance of the redundancy comes partly from outside
the algorithm it is possible to combine that claim with the wish to
be able to test with one node. Just ensure that the redundancy is
only guaranteed for two nodes and more. The one node case is
then a special case.


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