Middle men wanted

Wed May 5 17:06:49 CEST 2004

>   As somebody pointed  out many new 
protocols (like  SOAP) are layered
> onto (say) HTTP - so a multi-tyred 
approach might be better.
> 	a chain of processes. In the case of 
SOAP there could be several
> processes involved.
> 	raw data gathering -> HTTP parsing -
> SOAP parsing -> ...
The thing i was trying to convey about SOAP, 
which has my vote for worst technology of 
the last five years, is that in the current 
incarnation it is supposed to transport 
agnostic. It does not need to run over http 
although it almost invariably does.

 The reason for this agnosticity is i 
suppose the urgency in finding some selling 
point for the monstrosity that SOAP is, this 
is why recently I was at a WEB SERVICES 
discussion group, and when I argued against 
SOAP as being mostly useless and plain xml 
over http as being a better and easier 
solution in most cases the argument against 
this was that of course SOAP was meant to 
run over all sorts of protocols (which again 
i just don't trust, it seems unlikely that 
you would build useful applications this 

As an example of the stupidity of SOAP and 
as something that has some pertinency to 
middle man in demonstrating likely stumbling 
points I should think: 

soap over http? nooooooo, it's http over 

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