gen_event and multiple handler ``instances''

Dustin Sallings dustin@REDACTED
Tue May 4 00:48:25 CEST 2004

On May 3, 2004, at 14:57, Vance Shipley wrote:

> When you add a handler you may specify an identifier so that
> you can address a specific instance of a handler:
>    gen_event:add_handler(temp_listener_events, {lemp_handler, 1}, Args)
>    gen_event:add_handler(temp_listener_events, {lemp_handler, foo}, 
> Args)
>    gen_event:which_handler(temp_listener_events).
>    [{lemp_handler, 1}, {lemp_handler, foo}]

	I apologize for cluttering up this list, I've really got to get better 
at reading these docs as the man page does say that and it solves my 
problem perfectly.  Thanks a lot!

Dustin Sallings

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