64 bit Erlang on Opterons?

Eli Liang eliliang@REDACTED
Thu Jul 29 17:18:21 CEST 2004

By the way, RTLD_NEXT is not a 1003.1 (2004) standard, so HiPE should make it optional anyways.  (See: http://www.opengroup.org/onlinepubs/009695399/)

Eli Liang <eliliang@REDACTED> wrote:
I tried to comment on this topic already yesterday, but my note ended up going only to Vlad.
I would be interested in getting HiPE running on QNX Neutrino 6.2.1.  There is a port of Erlang/OTP R9C to this version of Neutrino... all except for HiPE.  (See: http://www.openqnx.com/Article229.html)
The issues with HiPE & QNX that the porting team identified there were:
(1) dlopen doesn't include support for "RTLD_NEXT" in QNX
(2) SA_ONSTACK and SIGSTKSZ are not defined in QNX
Also, as Vlad pointed out, there might be the same stack overflow problem on QNX as the circa 2001 problem that occurs under Windows.
Can the HiPE team make some comments on these issues?  Might there be workarounds in HiPE to the QNX deficiencies in (1) & (2) above?

Kostis Sagonas <kostis@REDACTED> wrote:
> BTW, are there any changes to the policy of not supporting Windows?

Just for the record: We have no _policy_ of not supporting Windows; we
just do not have access to a Windows machine with access to developer's 
toolset to test things out.

> List archives reveal this policy as per 2001 (I think) but since then
> maybe (hopefully) somebody found a way to handle the Windows stack? 

We have not heard anything about this. If there are volunteers out there
who can try things out and keep us posted, we can try to find solutions
to the problems they report to us and see where this leads us...


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