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Tomas Abrahamsson tab@REDACTED
Sat Jul 17 17:01:08 CEST 2004

Subject: Re: Further bug fixes/updates to py_interface

> I've been playing some more with py_interface (the erlang/python
> interface) and made some more corrections and changes:
> As I'm not sure which is the master version these days this patch
> set is against the 0.91 version and includes the 'Olgeni' patches
> again, although the "MAGIC_NIL adjustment" for the list endings is
> incorrect and superceded by what I think is the correct fix.

I've applied the all patches (Nigel's as well as
Jimmy's) and also fixed a bug related to packing of
bignums, and submitted py_interface-0.92 to the Erlang
User Contribution Page earlier this week.  I expect it
to float up there sooner or later.  Anyway, it's also
available on


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