Further bug fixes/updates to py_interface

Sat Jul 10 11:06:27 CEST 2004

Assembled erlang folks, Tomas, Jimmy,

I've been playing some more with py_interface (the erlang/python interface) and made some more corrections and changes:

* I think it now deals properly with all kinds of lists (am I the only one who can't remember that "nodes()++node()" isn't really a proper list?)

* it now properly decodes the extended format for references

* I've changed the error handling a bit, which was silently hiding some nasties - 

* a couple of trivial editorial changes

As I'm not sure which is the master version these days this patch set is against the 0.91 version and includes the 'Olgeni' patches again, although the "MAGIC_NIL adjustment" for the list endings is incorrect and superceded by what I think is the correct fix.


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