Stand Alone Erlang on otp_src_R9C-2

Fri Jul 9 22:35:40 CEST 2004

Hi All!
I'm wondering if there exist a simple way to configure my SAE in the last erlang release.
Ecc, ear and esh works fine but not elink.

Mark Scandariato got the same problem in a previous message:

This is an example of output error:
elink -o ecat -m ecat erlang erl_open_port -s ecat main
Cannot parse arguments:["-o",
  elink -t [windows | unix] [-d | -s] -o out[.exe]
        -S mod -m m1.beam m2.beam m2.beam ...

elink seems to be not able to parse arguments correctly.
Could you please give me some help?


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