Reflection in erlang

Vance Shipley vances@REDACTED
Sat Jan 31 13:46:45 CET 2004


Use the shell command:

1> m(gen_server).

Which returns (among other things) the exports:

abcast/2                      module_info/1
abcast/3                      multi_call/2
behaviour_info/1              multi_call/3
call/2                        multi_call/4
call/3                        print_event/3
cast/2                        reply/2
enter_loop/3                  start/3
enter_loop/4                  start/4
enter_loop/5                  start_link/3
format_status/2               start_link/4
init_it/6                     system_code_change/4
module_info/0                 system_continue/3


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