ANNOUNCE ex11 release two

Joe Armstrong joe@REDACTED
Thu Jan 22 13:16:36 CET 2004

   Erlang Graphics

   Ex11 release two is now available:

  New features:

      Bombproof connection to server (I hope)
      New widget library
      New powerful widgets
      New keyboard driver
      More X11 primitive
      Systematic way of programming widgets
      Many examples

  The standard widget library has 
     swButton      - a 3-D button.
     swDragBox     - a draggable, makes a blob which can be dragged round 
                     the screen.
     swEntry       - a editable text entry.
     swFlashButton - a "flash" button, not 3D used in pop up menus etc.
     swLabel       - text widget widget.
     swProgressBar - progress bar.
     swRectangle   - a colored rectangle. Can be used as a container frame.
     swScrollbar   - a scrollbar.
     swText        - text display widget.
     swTopLevel    - top level window.

  These can be combined in various create ways to make many fun things.

  I the examples collection you can find how to program:

       * Master menu
       * Button
       * Button and label
       * Entries 1
       * Entries 2
       * Scrollbars
       * Progress bar
       * Text display 1
       * Text display 2
       * A shell
       * Layout control
       * Forms
       * Draggable frames
       * Draggable objects
       * Pop up menus - flash buttons
       * Animation
       * Color picker 

  Start by reading the documentation and look at the screen shots -
you can find these by following the link from the home page of the


  PS Volunteers  are now  need to write  more widgets  (radio buttons,
check buttons,  combo boxes, scrollable  list boxes etc.) -  these are
all pretty  easy to write (just  follow the examples) and  send me the
code, which I will include in the distribution.

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