How do I find my own IP address?

Pascal Brisset pascal.brisset@REDACTED
Wed Jan 21 21:10:33 CET 2004

Luke Gorrie writes:
 > Depending on what you're doing you might also want to be careful about
 > NAT. Maybe the address your computer thinks you have is not the same
 > one other people will see.

Be careful about firewalls as well.  Please do not rewrite the
Erlang distribution protocol along the lines of (active) FTP !

By the way, regarding IP addresses: Is there a simple way to
connect Erlang nodes with multiple IP interfaces ?

With R9C-0 on a RedHat 9, inet_hosts:gethostbyname/1 ignores
"multi on" in /etc/host.conf, inet_gethost_native:gethostbyname/1
always returns addresses in the same order, and inet_tcp_dist
always uses to the first address.
So it looks like the only way is to use a round-robin DNS server.
(Or implement network redundancy with ethernet bonding instead.)

-- Pascal

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