ANNOUNCE - graphics package

Tue Jan 20 09:58:02 CET 2004

Before we plunge ahead defining minimum specs etc, I'd like to suggest that
there need to be two "categories" of GUI tool considered here:

1) the production of application suites, where we are looking for consistent
behaviour across several applications where the emphasis is the application
(like appmon, pman, tv etc, which currentlyuse gs for this)

2) the production of special purpose, or speculative, UI's where the emphasis is
probably on the UI itself

I purport that for category #1 we need a standardised widget scheme that is
accessible with a "high level" of abstraction and for category #2 we need "bare
metal" micro access to the internals of whatever display technology we are using
(which may not necessarily be X.11, in some future world?).

Can we split the discussion into these two directions perhaps?

I'm not sure, at the moment, whether ex11 would like to address both categories,
or just #2 .... Erlang obviously gets used for both.


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