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Vlad Dumitrescu vlad_dumitrescu@REDACTED
Mon Jan 19 15:45:18 CET 2004

Another interesting research is Chiron or C2,

Quoted from the homepage:

  "C2 is UCI's component- and message-based architectural style for constructing
flexible and extensible software systems. A C2 architecture is a hierarchical
network of concurrent components linked together by connectors (or message
routing devices) in accordance with a set of style rules. C2 communication rules
require that all communication between C2 components be achieved via message

  Central to the architectural style is a principle of limited visibility, or
substrate independence: a component within a given architecture is only aware of
services provided by components "above" it in the hierarchy, and is completely
unaware of services provided by components "beneath" it. This makes component
substitutability tenable, thus promoting component reuse and system
extensibility. Click here for a more detailed discussion of C2 style rules.

  To learn more about C2, we have a number of technical papers on C2."


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