Supervision Trees - A Beginner Writes

Bengt Kleberg Bengt.Kleberg@REDACTED
Thu Jan 15 16:52:35 CET 2004

Gordon Guthrie, BTP, BT, SE wrote:

> I used the default values of the Emacs skeleton for MaxR and MaxT (it's on
> the other machine at the moment, I can't check just now, but I will).

here we have 2 emacs (gnu-emacs and gnu-xemacs). i use none, but upon 
inspection i found that xemacs has an erlang menu with ''skeletons''. 
the one for supervisor says maxr 0, maxt 1.
which means that if you have more than 0 restarts during the last 1 
second your supervisor will terminate all the child processes and then 
if you have the same skeleton (haunting name, is it not?) try and change 
these values. maxr should surely be more than 0 for the case you have 
previously described.


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