Elang discussions? - a call for a new format

Joachim Durchholz joachim.durchholz@REDACTED
Wed Jan 14 14:35:16 CET 2004

Joe Armstrong wrote:
> I'd like to see the following:
>    1) Web based discussion lists
>       something like yahoo groups ...
>    2) Multi-threaded discussions

(2) is simple: install a local news server. No news inbound or outbound 
newsfeeds (that would only complicate things, people can subscribe 
directly to the news server).
inn or cnews seem to fit the bill.

Not sure about a web reader for newsgroups - googling didn't give me any 
useful results (yet).
I'll be looking for such a software myself, so if anybody is interested 
I'm willing to share my findings.

Currently looking for a new job.

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