Elang discussions? - a call for a new format

Mickael Remond mickael.remond@REDACTED
Wed Jan 14 12:20:27 CET 2004

* Joe Armstrong <joe@REDACTED> [2004-01-14 11:58:55 +0100]:

> Here are some questions
> 	1) Is this a good idea?

I do not know. Splitting the discussion list might make it difficult to
follow the discussions around erlang.

> 	2) Who can host this?
> 	3) What is the best S/W for the list
> 	   Does anybody have any first hand experience here - what is the
> 	   best S/W to run????

We have some experience with running Sympa for several projects on our
server (Erlang-projects). It is an handy, robust tool with a web admin
interface (User friendly).
We can host such a list on Erlang-projects.

> 	   An alternative is a "write your own in Yaws"

This could be an idea. Another solution that I thought about was mixing
forum things with an NNTP back-end. Old school users can use a news
reader to follow Erlang discussion. They could be publish in a forum
like interface on the web, where authenticated user could contribute.
I am think about writing that with Yaws (Web client for NNTP).

Mickaël Rémond

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