Elang discussions? - a call for a new format

Joe Armstrong joe@REDACTED
Wed Jan 14 11:58:55 CET 2004


Isn't it about time we split this list and used a web based
list with multiple threads.

I'd like to see the following:

   1) Web based discussion lists
      something like yahoo groups ...
   2) Multi-threaded discussions

To achieve this we need a number of things:

   a) A site to host the list
   b) suitable S/W

IMHO majordomo is a bit stale these days.

Here are some questions

	1) Is this a good idea?
	2) Who can host this?
	3) What is the best S/W for the list
	   It should be:
	   - easy to administer
	   - free
	   - zero ads etc.

	   I'm no expert here but five minutes Googling came up with


	   Does anybody have any first hand experience here - what is the
	   best S/W to run????

	   An alternative is a "write your own in Yaws"



> [Note: is this discussion of general interest? Should we move it some other
> place? Maybe a separate mailing list, or the wiki?]

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