ANNOUNCE - graphics package

Joe Armstrong joe@REDACTED
Mon Jan 12 12:00:21 CET 2004


  This is to announce that a pre-alpha release of ex11 is now available.

  ex11 is a 100% pure Erlang graphics package, which works only with

  ex11 talks *directly* to the X-server, no C is linked in.

  The ex11 release contains a library to talk to the server (This is
similar to XLib) and a widget set.

  The widget set is very powerful and very simple.

  ex11 with programming examples and screen shots can be found

  At this stage I'd ask as many people as possible to test this release and
report any bugs or problems encountered in starting the system.

  Later I'd like volunteers to write new widgets and tools.

  I will support the widget infrastructure and the low level X library.

  Have fun


PS - Thanks to  Tobbe (who started this long ago) - and Vlad and Tony
who have also  hacked this at various times in the past.

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