Request for next net_kernel release: new switch "net_setuptime_millis"

Bruce Fitzsimons Bruce@REDACTED
Fri Jan 9 22:00:20 CET 2004

Sean Hinde wrote:

> On 9 Jan 2004, at 15:03, Patrik Nyblom wrote:
>> TCP/IP is unfortunately not a protocol made for realtime 
>> applications... That's what all this long timeout hazzle comes from. 
>> A better network protocol would make things much funnier for Erlang, 
>> no ticking, no timeouting etc... A reliable protocol that monitors 
>> the links... a protocol designed not for web browsing but for 
>> telecom... Sigh...  Timeouts shorter than 1 s could be useful though. 
>> I agree. I'll add the possibility to define fractions of seconds to 
>> the configuration.
> sctp is supported natively in the 2.6.x Linux kernels. Yay!
Its also rumoured to be in Solaris 10, although I haven't yet downloaded 
or installed the beta to check. Double yay. Hopefully with the new 
(err...old) poll/select type interface.


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